NYC Guide by the believe that young people are a potential and vital resource in the process of National Development, and That the youth are entitled to rights, privileges and responsibilities within the frameworks of the laws of the land, conventions and declarations of the United National Organization and Other international Bodies as ratified by Namibia. Create avenues for the empowerment of the youth, as an act of building developing and increasing their power through cooperation involvement and sharing of skills and information.

Pursue advocacy roles with the ultimate aim of sensitizing the agencies of the Government of Republic of Namibia, private sector, institutions organizations as well as the broader Namibia public on the needs, dreams, aspirations and anxieties of the youth. Network with our counterparts at regional, sub-regional, continental and global level on areas of mutual interest.

NamCaribe is a wholly owned Namibian company, formed by Children of the Liberation Struggle that studied in Cuba. They are a product of the Namibian-Cuban friendship. The company is created with the aim of providing services in different industries namely; engineering, agriculture science, medical sectors. NamCaribe’s vision is to be the most effective, efficient and reliable multi-industrial company in Namibia. It is managed by a Board of Directors who are all Namibians with more than 10 years of experience in their field of specialization. NamCaribe targets the manufacturing sector that adds value to the Namibian economy, which contributes to the realization of vision 2030. With a mission of adding value to the growth and development of Namibia’s economy, by producing locally and availing the most essential agricultural and Pharmaceutical commodities that will reduce reliance on imports. The company is looking at setting up a factory producing medicines locally. NamCaribe, will provide a much needed business expertise to the Consortium.

Mwetufayo Investments (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned Namibian company incorporated in 2009 by Children of the Liberation Struggle that were born in various refugee camps in Nyango, (Zambia) and Kwanza Sul (Angola), who grouped themselves to initiate ideas on how to create employment and alleviate poverty in order to accelerate Namibian’s goals and realization of vision 2030. The company identified a niche in the small scale oil production sector and aims to manufacture, process, market, and commercialize Marula and Eenanga oils for culinary and cosmetic purposes. Proposals for funding and assistance have been submitted to local financing institutions as well as to the Ministry of Trade for the above initiative. Currently the company, through one of its shareholding company, is engaged in local and regional fish distribution with markets in Angola and Zimbabwe. Locally the company has two distribution outlets in Katutura and Oshikango, with an assured supply of fish, the company hopes to expand the operation. Mwetufayo brings to the Consortium, fish trading and distribution experiences.

Ofinox Investments cc is a wholly owned Namibian company established to participate in various economic sectors. It has embarked efficiently, responsibly and profitably in various sectors of our economy. This includes amongst others, the areas of distribution, production, trade services and general trading. The company is fully engaged in economic and development activities that meets consumer needs and the demand for investment within Namibia and SADC. Ofinox brings to the Consortium, trading experiences.

LEAD is a wholly owned Namibian company, owned by previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs with a diverse pool of skills specializing in business management and construction. The company further brings to the empowerment group, qualified, dynamic and energetic young Namibians with a combined track record of over 7 years in Business Administration and Small Medium Enterprises (SME) development. LEAD brings training and capacity building to the Consortium.

Mr. T Gurirab is a young entrepreneur who has participated in various sector of the economy. He brings to the Consortium over 10 years experience in business enterprising and networking skills.

Seal Processing Factory in Luderitz

enabling the processing of pelts, meat, blubber and other by-products.